Never Pay Full Price – 10 Tips & Tools To Save Money Shopping

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When I can shop, without my toddlers and husband, I am in heaven. I’m not talking about going through the isles of HEB for the zoom zooms and wham whams. I mean going to Macy’s or Michael’s and grabbing something that I absolutely love.

The only thing is… I refuse to pay full price. You too? Great! We can be friends.

Never Pay Full Price – 10 Tips & Tools To Save Money Shopping

This post contains affiliate links. This means:  if you click on a link for a product I’ve suggested (and I only suggest products that I’ve used and 100% love) and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. Thank you so much for your support!

1. Ibotta –  This is an app that offers thousands of rebates on everything from clothing to groceries. You simply search through the database for what you’re shopping for, add the rebate to your account, go shopping, and then snap a photo of your receipt. Cha-ching! Money back for something you needed or really really wanted.

2. ShopKick  – This is my FAVORITE way to get free money. Yes. FREE. You just need to open this app in the store while you’re shopping. That’s it. Open the app, Anna Mae. (Movie trivia!) You can also earn cash back on your purchases in stores like Target and Best Buy – did I tell you that my husband is a gamer? We go to Best Buy a lot. I’ve earned over $200 in gift cards from doing what I do normally.

3. Price Matching – with retail competition being as it is, almost every store price matches. Not sure if your store does? Take a look here and here. Also, double check the store’s website because things change depending on the time of year. (During the winter holidays most stores will only price match certain items/advertisements)

4. Ebates  – I do a fair amount of shopping online. I like to purchase handmade trinkets from Etsy and place orders that I will pick up in store from Macy’s. With Ebates, I earn a percentage of my total spent back. I just go through their website to place my order. I am directed to the retail site that I want to purchase from and complete my order as usual. (Pro Tip: Go to the retail site first, load up your cart, and then click through the Ebates link. Or download the Ebates browser button.)

Pro Tip – Set up a PayPal account. Most of these rebate savings tools will have the option to deposit your $ into your checking/savings or PayPal. Avoid sharing your financial information by using PayPal.

5. Amazon Prime  – Diapers drain our ‘kids’ fund every month. Thank goodness for this service, specifically Amazon Family/Subscribe and Save. Last year we save a TON of diapers during Prime Day (June 11th). If you’re not a Amazon subscriber you can get a free 30 day trial.

6. Sign Up for Loyalty Cards – Almost every place I shop wants to make me feel like I’m a valued customer. Go figure! More and more stores are going the route of establishing some type of store loyalty program to give shoppers special deals or rebates on purchases. A few favorites are: Best Buy Rewards, Target Cartwheel, and Starbucks.

7. Retail Me Not – This is my favorite place to look for savings quickly. I have the app loaded on my phone and if I’m ever in a store and something catches my eye, which is like all the time, but I haven’t researched the purchase – I just whip this out and put in the store info. Super simple. Some store associates even suggest this app/website to you while you’re in the store.

8. Groupon  – I saved $300 on our very comfy queen mattress on Groupon. It was even delivered to our third floor apartment, for free! $5 for $10 at Starbucks? Half priced movie tickets? Extra-long iPhone chargers that fit behind the couch? Yes, please! (Pro Tip: Click through your Ebates link to save on your Groupon purchase) 
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9. Outlet Shopping – We have an outlet mall relatively close to us. But, I also found out that you can shop some of these outlet stores online! Favorites include Banana Republic, Gap Kids, and Nike. A lot of what I find is still very much on-trend. It just has an outlet tag. (Pro Tip: Check RetailMeNot or the store’s website for additional savings while shopping.)

10. Store Website or App – Whenever I can, I pre-plan my purchases. Best budget saving tip ever. Stores like Michael’s, Target, Macy’s, even HEB have special coupons that you can print out through their website. Favorite website to visit on a Friday – Kroger. Kroger offers a coupon for a specific free item each Friday. Other Fred Meyer stores also offer this deal. It’s part of their customer loyalty program.

So, friend! When are we going shopping?



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